Google Is Killing Parenthood
Gustavo Razzetti

Thank you Gustavo for opening up the discussion about information, knowledge and wisdom. It is great to be able to observe these three clearly and see what part they play. I love what you have said that wisdom involves fragility and humbleness and with this comes an authority and power so deep that it can melt the bars we have put in place to protect ourselves. True wisdom has the power to expose the way we have taken on the construct of knoweldge and information as a form of guard and protection in what constitutes a pretty tough world — a world that became so tough because we forgot about wisdom and connection. This guarding and protection of ourselves ultimately closes down our true, life-giving, connection and becomes a separative prison. People use intelligence as a form of protection and fortress — I know I did, it was part of my motivation, albeit unconscious at the time, for getting a PhD! Don’t mess with me, I can pull out the big guns!

There is nothing wrong with ‘knowledge’ and ‘information’ which can be extremely handy in our daily living, and I am certainly glad that a bridge builder know his engineering well . . . and it is super handy to have Google especially when you don’t have a great library just down the road. But Google is simply that — a collection of most of what we have so far — handy, but simply a reflection of our world, which if you observe it , is in a pretty dire state with continual and widepread conflict and out-and-out war, health systems going bankrupt, enormous corruption being exposed in finance, in religious organisations, etc. etc. We all know it.

What we are missing is that greater, stupendous intelligence that takes into account all the consequences of its utterances and acts. To explode the atom and to release and explore that power is amazing, but to use that knowledge to build a bomb to kill our fellow human beings has not one iota of true intelligence to it. We need to reconnect to true intelligence which has understanding and love as an integral part of its make-up. Any father or mother who reconnects to this intelligence that we are born with (but which has been beaten out of us with the linear thought based on ‘right and wrong’) is a great parent — an open parent, willing to listen, love, understand, deliver lived wisdom, and call out energetic falsity whenever it raises it head.

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