The Art of Journalism and the Empty Wheel of Corruption— where true responsibility lies
Adam Warburton

This is a brillaint article Adam Warburton — should be heard in congress, at the Walkley awards, and be front page news. There are so many spot on points made I would be writing 1000 words to cover it. I agree that freedom of abuse is one of the foremost tenets of true journalism. As you say, so many journalists start out with goodwill, integrity, and an impuse to tell the truth about the world to the world . . . but the media industry is such that it is quite a challenge to stay with this impulse and one is swimming upstream as it were, without the advantages of the genetics of a salmon. I love what you say about true journalism: ‘In its pure form journalism should be nothing more than the pursuit of truth. Its fundamental tenets should be respect, understanding, and love. Yes, love! Love for humanity, love for society, and love for ourselves’. I have not heard many say this and I am very glad to hear someone confirm what I have always felt. I was very happy to see that The Guardian’s George Monbiot also wrote a very similar thing, in relation to cultivating respect and love for ourselves and the environment. It is rare to hear a journalist speak of love and even rarer to feel a piece of writing delivered with love, which this piece was — and there are others out there I know.

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