John DeVore

What a refreshing article John DeVore — you really have a way with words and get to the core of the matter ‘All I can do is open my heart. Listen. Make amends. Evolve. Check in and confirm and confront my biases as best I can.’ YES! And how right you are ‘Man Caves’ are tombs — such a prison has arisen from the early rejection that men receive from parents and other adults around who try to mould them (imagining it is for the best) into tough hard beings that they are naturally not — they are just as sensitive, tender and gorgeous as girls are — men just bring a slightly different expression quality that is the quintessential beauty of ‘maleness’ through them, the type of male energy that melts a woman’s heart. Men are rejected as boys from being their natural true way, and this rejection is carried as a deep often unconscious hurt through life.

I have recently been reading an amazing website which has articles in the Men section that talk about exactly these things that you address here. I reckon you would love it… unimedliving.com

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