This Psychedelic Plant May Help You Trip Your Way To A Better Life
Whitney Meers

This drug is actually a poison to the body — the body throws up to rid itself of the poison that you have ingested into your body. This is not a ‘getting well’ as the shaman says. It is an ‘introducing sickness’ into your body. The body is our great marker of truth on earth. It is through the body that we are able to feel energy, and, as we all know Einstein proved that ”Everything is energy’. This truth not only appplies in the scientific lab but to our everyday lives and our every movement and action — eg. simple example — is someone moving in anger or in love? Knowing the quality of energy that something or someone is in helps us discern the truth of a situation. So when your body vomits it is saying you have ingested a poison. Just surreder back into your body and feel the energy of this article and the accompanying picture and you would not jeopodise your amazing body or self with ingesting it. There are far better ways to come to know all you need to know — a way that that will not jeopodise you and this all resides within you — it is not to be found out there in the world or even in nature.

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