When I was 23 and let go from my first office job, I took 2 hostessing shifts a week at an NYC…
Stefanie Williams

I find that you “made it” despite having to waitress…admirable. Making 75k a year as a bartender and waitress…fabulous! But not admirable. There is nothing particularly admirable about making a lot of money. The type of work one does is also important…for instance, those “teachers and low level admin types.” How dreadful to be a mere teacher or (gasp!) a “low level admin”. What possible contribution to life and lives could a low paid teacher possibly make? Career satisfaction? Meaning? Tish-tosh! I mean, how could someone go on living knowing that they are just a lowly admin? Of course, few of us will ever reach the heights and contribution to society made by TV screenplay writers. How glamorous! How achieved! How noble! Good for you! Walk proud and look down on the rest of the dirty rabble who toil in those low paid, non- contributing, unrecognized, professions, like teachers, nurses, police officers, paramedics, office workers, administrators, firefighters… “ The Emmies, here we come!”

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