Allah is the most Power Full Entity

Muslims know that there is no power in this only the al-mighty. We all are in this world is so to worship the Allah and praise him. We are in the time of pain because we don’t have proper trust on the Allah who is most power full and who is most glorious. When we change our self in worries and we don’t trust the Lord and then Satan come into our mind and he said to us that yes, I don’t want to live more. This all the slangs and bad things which come in our mind so quick because we don’t have trust on the greatest Lord. The lord of the universe said to us that if there are any difficulties then there is also ease come with it. In my life Once I was so depressed and not taking life as good. At that time, I must say I was very far away from my religion then heart turned in to the light from the dark. I started seeking the knowledge of Holy Quran and Holy Hadith and sooner or later. I come over with it. This is life and this is exam for the people who are the great followers. In the book of hadith, the Prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa(PBUH) said that this world is the cage for the Muslim and heaven for the unbeliever. The Lord of the universe commands any things then all things happens, will be happened and because he is the most glorious and he is for worship. This is my faith and this convert in to believed when I get closer to the Lord Life turned and everything changed and life get peaceful. This is right when you follow the Islam and accepted Command from the great prophet Muhammad-E-Mustafa your life turned into positivity and when you remember the difficulties which prophet(PBUH) for us you will be thankful to him and also Allah. For more adoration, I am going to the Makkah for hajj and for love with the packages Best 5-star Luxury Hotels Group Umrah Package with Luxury Hotels With Tickets 2017 for my inner peace.