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I’ve been writing for so long, but never dared shared it with anyone. I feared others would notice a missing or extra comma, a misplaced metaphor, or a defamatory double entendre, and immediately dismiss the content of what I’d written, after I’d fully exposed myself (much like the feeling of delivering a very important speech, learning later that my fly was open). My other great fear was that’d I’d be a complete, and utter bore, so I began making my writing a bit more risqué. I finally realized, whatever it is I write with fervor, and happiness, I’m just going to put out there, and see what happens; so, I started posting little tid-bits of thoughts on Facebook. I received a much better reception than I’d thought I would. It was my aunt, however, who I haven’t seen in years (but very well read), comment that I, “Truly have a way with words -it’s a gift.” That made me feel so satisfied — because I realized at that moment, she saw a different side of me through my writing. It also epiphanized what’s most important to me as a writer; the deep desire for people to no longer see me as just the pretty, enigmatic girl who’s made a series of bad decisions, but as the soul with abysmal depth, who must express herself creatively. I also realized if some still don’t see that, it doesn’t matter at all, because I found freedom, identity, and Truth, in sharing my writing.

Grateful for Medium, and grateful for the inspiration offered by your article, Spencer Ortega!

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