Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

I do not see how one can say our country, our world, our future, is worthy as a prize for any pseudo fight. 
So, to quote the GOP, that is, the Godless Orange Pedophile, what choice do I have? Do I make peace with those who condone and support those who commit sexual assault against women? Only pretty ones, but still. And do I agree to disagree with those who condone and support those who believe it is acceptable for a grown man to gaze upon naked teenaged girls without consequence? Not only without consequence, but that you elevate such an individual to the position of having the most power in one set of hands the world has to offer?

So, sure, I would LOVE to be angry and to yell shame and demand a recount and to vow to “take back my country.”

This IS my country. I do not want it.

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