Liberals Will Cite Russian Hacking To Push For An Electoral College Coup
Michael Tracey

So it seems the following people, entities, and governments 
were ALL guilty of Influencing this years US Elections:

(Note: NONE were Russia)

Barack Hussein Obama
Amendment 114 of the NDAA was approved by the House in May of 2012.
The amendment sanctions the US government, without restriction, the use of any mode of message to control how we perceive our world.
As of now, the level of propaganda in the mainstream media (MSM) is quite high, with all of our television, printed media and internet sites associated with MSM owned by only 5 corporations
How the NDAA Allows US Gov to Use Propaganda Against Americans


U.S. Department of Homeland Security;
BUSTED!: Obama’s DHS attempted to ALTER Georgia’s election results 
and was given volluntary access to 48 other states

10 TIMES busted! On obvious dates associated to election

George Soro’s;
Leaked Documents Reveal Billionaire George Soros Spendt Hundreds of Millions of Dollars To Manipulate American Elections #RuleofLaw via @pjmedia_com

Saudi Arabia Has Influenced The US Elections!

German Government Influenced the Elections!
Using German Tax Payers Money!

Debbie Wasserman & Donna Brazile

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