President Trump Gave Me Herpes

No, this is not the tell-all piece you’ve been anticipating. I wish it was. Then again, if it was, it would simply merge seamless into the circus, this reality TV show we’ve been forced to watch, where each day new lies, broken promises, and tweets subsume events from the previous 24 hours.

November gave way to December and early January. I felt that I was handling the shock of Donald Trump winning the election fairly well. I was prepared to be vigilant and push against any policies that seemed at odds with the America I knew. I was feeling strong, committed, alert.

In retrospect, I was in denial, that first stage of grieving a profound loss.

My sanguine hypervigilance slipped on Inauguration Day when the unthinkable became a harsh, solidified reality. I unknowingly tumbled into the abyss of depression, stage two of grief. While I wasn’t looking, my immune system packed her bags for an extended vacation. Seems she didn’t react well to the stress of the workplace (aka me).

Meanwhile my little viral friend, H, also reacted poorly to this new development. H ordinarily lives a peaceful existence at the base of my spinal cord. We’ve been together for years and cohabit with little drama. I keep him happy with good food, exercise, and a glass of wine just about every night. I may even have subscribed to cable for him at some point; I’m not sure.

The departure of my immune system awakened and irritated H to the point where he decided to leave his cozy cave and wreak a little havoc. Nearly ninety Acyclovir horse pills later, H retreated to his lair. I welcomed back my immune system with no recriminations. After all, who could blame her? I’d have left too.

I feel like I’m just waking up from a long, unrestful slumber. I almost feel like me again. Depression is lifting like volcanic smog. If it’s true that nature abhors a vacuum, then the next grieving stage is filling the vacancy left by my despondency.

I’m on the fast track to anger and I have a feeling this stage is going to last a long, long time.