We’re Shittiest To The Ones We Love
Kris Gage

I think a lot of fair points were made in this article, but had to say something about the marriage being «possibly outdated» crap that people who fail at it or would fail try to say. Watch Judge Judy and see all the fools with children by people they didn’t marry. It doesn’t work in their favor. Marriage is great if you have kids and it’s a very serious matter that some people can’t handle these days. And that’s fine. My issue is people who scream «monogamy isn’t normal» or «marriage is outdated» because they don’t like the idea and don’t think it’ll work for them. There’s nothing wrong with monogamy or marriage. People have simply become so narcissistic that having to share their life with another person and compromise has become problematic. There’s also people who get married for poor reasons and vow forever to someone who’s a terrible partner choice. That’s not marriages fault. If you’re gonna get married, be prepared to compromise, understand that it’s not cherries and gumdrops all the time, and be willing to work with your partner through tough times. Most of all, be discerning and critical about who you’re marrying. Too many people settle for people who have red flags. Like the woman who married a guy who said sexist things and he turned out to be a rapist. Why marry a sexist guy as a woman? My mother was the same. She married a physically abusive man and decided to have children with him. That’s not marriages fault that they divorced. They should have never gotten married to begin with.

So let’s stop blaming marriage and monogamy. There’s nothing wrong with them.