The Hustle Is Glamorized, Criminalized — Anything But Understood
Alizah Salario

Hustling is a term associated with minor (or major) illegal sales, and take place where independent sales are, at best, not permitted — and hustlers know and act accordingly, usually to try to hide the illegitimacy of what they are doing. Independent contractors go out of their way to demonstrate their legitimacy and trustworthiness to their customers or clients.

If it appears you are doing something illegal, it will attract the interest of the police, regardless of your race.

Add to that, being a large, powerfully built man and doing it, you will get interest and at least a modicum of fear or worry. Although trained, police are human too.

Purposefully, I leave out the issue of race — we really need additional information if that was a major factor or not in either of these terrible outcomes (and I am not discounting that it fairly well could be a major factor). I point out these other facts though as being significantly relevant to interactions with police.