The pro line is no longer stagnant.
Willi Kampmann

I agree that user experience is a primary driver of the consumer experience with Apple products — it has always been what Apple does best.

But that has less impact in vertical pro markets where user experience is highly desirable but business requires often have to take precedent.

Your dates are a bit off though. Apple’s Pro range won’t be refreshed with new computers until 2018, right? 2015, 2016, this year being 2017…. That is a significant enough time to leave a customer segment you are supposedly take seriously waiting. I am sure we will see boxes from in the $5K-15K price range. Over that three year span, how many video, CAD and 3d pros jumped ship? I think quite a lot.

I am sure the new Pro boxes when they arrive will be impressive. But I also think many Pros will have already replaced their previous generation of Pro Macs.

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