Going to Extremes: The Supreme Court and Senate Republicans’ Unprecedented Record of Obstruction of…
Elizabeth Warren

I have a solution for you: no sitting member of the legislature should be allowed to be re-elected until every member is replaced.

Sen. Warren, every member of Congress is accountable for the sickening state of politics in the United States. You are all playing out of the same book of dirty tricks — even in this. Ask yourself why the perceptual outsider Senator Bernie Sanders and actual outsider Donald Trump (and many others) have captured the attention of America. Yes, you can blame the news media partially, since they have become just another form of entertainment. But the real blame is with you — for failing to reach across the aisles and achieving compromise. You, collectively, have turned American politics into a shouting match of abrasive, undignified narratives, with facts tailored to fit your story.

Either reach out, or leave. Praying that all your political opponents are not going to be coming back hasn’t really worked, has it?