And drops of water won’t fill an ocean, until they do.
Suzanne Leibrick

If you want to feel good about what someone wrote, then by all means enjoy the therapy. It is difficult to reply however because it isn’t clear if you actually read what I wrote or read something into it.

If you want to be effective in dealing with the behavior that is exhausting you within a small group, you need to use available methods to change the social dynamic in the group.

What I pointed out are the type of arguments that get push back from intelligent people who would otherwise support more civilized behavior at the game table (or other sorts of small groups). They are your allies for change.

Why would I bother writing that if I didn’t otherwise agree that the behavior is sick? Why would I bother if I didn’t want the group to act in a civilized way?

While it is plausible that people who are deviant enough to make contentiously sexual statements at a game table could also invade bathrooms or make unwanted physical contact, it is a stretch to think that if you remove that game table behavior that its going to make those egregious violations go away. Even were that true, a deviant can learn to keep their mouths shut during a game and still do those things.

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