Pro just stands for professional, and there are more than enough professionals for whom most modern…
Willi Kampmann

Prosumer is a classification of customer type that has been used in tech product marketing for (to my knowledge) almost twenty years.

Prosumer refers to higher end consumers who will buy higher end (even if they don’t need all the power/value/features they are buying) and also refers to a “pro” type who may or may not be utilizing the product as a core function of their job — for example, professional or high end hobbyist artists or photographers who sometimes utilize 3d but that is not their regular, core job.

“Pro” gets used by many companies for labeling, but “prosumer” means something specific. The higher end iMacs have evolved to fill the needs of people in some professions, but they don’t fulfill the needs very well of users for which the cutting edge is very desirable and constantly moving.

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