A Prescription for Better Care
✌TJ Parker

This is just one of the ways in which our health care system is broken. You tried to provide a private service to provide new value at the same price, and that is laudable — but their strategy makes business sense — you were in fact cutting into their mail order profits, right?

Heath care in America is old, collusive and self healing. Obamacare (and I credit that it was clear he wanted a single payer plan but lacked support) is a failure because it added significant requirements without controlling costs — the ‘fix’ addressed only part of one leg in the three-legged stool of manufacturing (drugs / equipment), insurance and managed care (how many doctors have gone corporate?). It has shifted significant profits from insurance companies to ‘non-profit’ hospitals that now provide a fraction of the charity work they used to do, and find new ways of moving the money around to make it look like aren’t rolling in money.

The only way to really innovate our way out of this mess is to have a single payer system and regulated costs — not by looking at tiny European countries but more like countries like Japan, where you have insurance, but you also have controlled costs and no rationing of care.

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