An Open Letter to Big Tech: Two Simple Words Can Help You Diversify
Andy Orr

You have a steep hill to climb. There are two types of people in those companies already: those that graduated with advanced degrees from big named schools, and those who innovated themselves in through acquisitions.

The assumption is that if you got into a great school and went through their rigorous degree programs, you have the chops to be given the chance not to be fired on your first day. Here’s the problem though — opening up to two year and Bachelor’s degree candidates from non big name schools also means that you’ll have a slightly more diverse pool (a lot of non minorities go to community college too), but what metric then shows that these new candidates have the same chops to be given a chance not to be fired on their first day, like everyone else?

I am not suggesting your idea is bad but that these companies needs a better metric if they discard the one they already use. Any thoughts?

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