Misinformed Voters Are A Threat To National And Economic Security.
Greg Ferenstein

You’ve weakened your book immediately by focusing on the Trump campaign, unless you are only targeting POD and e-book markets. By giving it such prominence, you won’t persuade anyone who hasn’t already made up their minds about the state of American education. Separate politics from education, and leave your regional stereotypes at the door.

Americans have been progressively relying on sound bytes, third hand news and lazy thinking, and proportionately to its availability. Only people who have learned argumentation and appreciate the value of being informed are more informed than those who haven’t. I agree that argumentation should be a part of a national education plan, but it has to be in addition to other subjects — a high school diploma has to mean something more than just preparation for college. Id like to see all Americans go to college, but we are a long way from that.

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