Thermography makes its way into clinics around Lebanon

By definition Thermography is a process of taking thermal videos and pictures using infrared light to detect any cancerous cells in the body. In this interview with Dr. Laurence Der Hovsepian, she explains the better way of detecting breast cancer through the use of thermography.

Natural healing pamphlets seen at Dr. Laurence’s office (Holistic Healing Center) Photo Credits: Lynn Karam

Dr. Laurence Hovsepian studied Neuropathic medicine and wrote her Master’s thesis about using thermography as a means of detecting breast cancer rather than mammography which in her opinion is invasive and unhealthy due to the fact that it can potentially cause harm by disrupting or even popping cysts that are already in a patient’s breast, which in turn may cause the cancer cells in the breast to spread further.

Thermography machine used in Dr. Laurence’s office Photo Credits: Lynn Karam

Hovsepian also mentions a key piece of information to students who are studying cancerous cells in universities or students who are getting checked, she urges them to keep an open mind and to do their research as well as weigh the pros and cons of trying the “unnatural” method as compared to thermography.

According to a study of using Thermography as a breast cancer screening technique, “1 in 2 women will have at least 1 false–positive mammogram result, and 1 in 5 women will have at least 1 false–positive clinical breast examination result”. This means that not only are mammograms invasive towards women but they tend to be unreliable at detecting if a cancer cell is benign or not.

Up sized Thermography pamphlet seen at Dr. Laurence’s office Photo Credits: Lynn Karam