Why Become A Software Engineer? Why Holberton School?

Hello Readers,

My name is Lynn Risinger and I am originally from Portland, Oregon. I received my Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Oregon in 2013. I have always loved history and believe it is very important to the success of our nation, world and general population. I have been living in the Bay area for a couple years now and have realized how important technology is to our survival, happiness and productivity! With my passion for history along with my new found passion for coding, I believe I can be part of an expanding group of people who are looking for ways to integrate technology with history as our civilization evolves. Not only do I enjoy history but I also enjoy gaming as well. With my new found love for coding I have been able to see the endless opportunities and creative freedom that comes with each program. I look forward and am excited to work on my next projects and what I can do to make them special.

I want to attend Holberton because I want to become a developer and truly dive into creating a bridge between history and technology. I personally believe that better education happens when people work together rather than being told how to do it by an authority figure. Working with other people has opened my eyes to many different ways of solving a problem and shows me skills and solutions that I wouldn’t normally think of on my own. Project-based learning is very intriguing to me because of the real-life problems and examples rather than studying and memorizing code from a textbook. I have previous experience in Python and Front-End web development but know that a full stack program would be extremely beneficial for my goals. Being able to see how the front-end works with the back-end is important for all aspects of the program and will help the program run more smoothly. Holberton would also give me the opportunity to create a great network of mentors and friends along with my furthering my education. I currently have a friend in her third month of the program and she is loving it. The experiences that I hope to have at Holberton School will shape my technical career as a developer as well as my soft skills as a colleague.