The Drum Roll

Ever entered in an IT firm where all you hear is the endless clicking of a mouse and the vigorous engagement with the keyboard? Ain’t it amazing for one to be in such a state of mind, engulfed in a language, trying to figure out how to make it beautiful than the last stroke. Or lost in thought while designing a layout, a structure, a form. And the end of it all having to create something vast, not only did you not see it coming, but it fascinated the client so much that you got another project to tackle.

There was once a question raised, whether there’s a line, that line that qualifies you to be the next Charlie Packer, when somebody goes too far into discouraging you from ever becoming the best software developer. Truth is despite the so called challenges if it’s one’s aim, one’s dream, aspiration, no amount of discouragement can weigh you down. You just got to earn the position.

Boot-camp Andela is my mode of kickback, kickback meaning its the vigor and rigorous effort put into the tests and challenges that excites me. Then there’s no opt for laxity, you work with what you have with all you’ve got to create something better, most of all to build up a code foundation. Yes I deemed it a foundation because this is just the tip of the Iceberg. I believe being the greatest software developer of the 21st century is anybody’s idea of success. One has to harness an individuals point of view desire, and this and many other qualities are the breastplate of this institution.

Experience is created by the taught. So far, time is a bigger master than the rest of his subjects. Pushing self beyond whats expected is the absolute necessity, and I would do it over again till I’ve accomplished this.

TIA, a replay of play. It’s the pace that keeps it going, a growing momentum of state and in this one catches on and flows with the drum roll.

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