I Wrote About The Grenfell Tower Scandal 27 Years Ago — And This Is What Happened
Grant Feller

Actually…… I was just saying to a friend today that I could never get all the way through the film Towering Inferno because, idealistic as I was back then, I thought it implausible that anyone would be so stupid as to take short cuts with basic safety issues. You learn as you get older that real life outdoes fiction every time.

You are right about local papers. They are often created/supported by people who really care. The Guardian grew out of the Manchester Guardian which was a local paper from 1821 to 1959. CP Scott was its editor and then owner and I owe my education to the fact he and three others founded an all girls school in Manchester. It was a real pioneering liberal spirit that gave girls from all walks of life a superb education.

That is a digression but what I think it shows is that local papers are often so far integrated into the community that they simply can’t do “fake news” because their audience will call them out on it. Local keeps them honest.

I am not sure if everyone who is culpable will get their just deserts. What matters more is that going forward, pressure is kept up to ensure all other tower blocks are checked for safety and regulatory rules are changed – and that means worldwide. The media are the ones who need to keep bringing this to the table and yes, local papers have more chance of success than national or indeed global media.

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