Midnight Terror

It’s midnight, the moon shines upon the misty dark forest, where dead trees stand stretching to the black cloudy sky. You carry your lamp and flee in terror as your heart beats, feeling like it will pounce out of your chest at any moment, adrenaline surging through your veins. Not wanting that terrible beast to rip your body into shreds, you glance behind your back to see if it’s catching up to you.

Finally, you see nothing. Remembering how to breathe again, you plop down onto the ground covered in dead leaves, resting your back against a tree. You close your eyes trying to calm yourself, while trying to keep your senses as sharp as a newly made dagger as you were aware that the beast is still lurking somewhere, hiding in the shadows. Suddenly, you hear a low and threatening growl. You looked around your surroundings, but nothing was there…..just trees, mist, and the lonely moon. Shaking with fear, your hand weakens and drops the lamp. The lamp shatters into pieces and the fire is knocked out by the icy wind. By now, your blood has run cold with fear and you are left with nothing.

Standing there frozen in panic, you wonder how you’re ever going to get out of this dark and creepy forest. Hearing that menacing growl again, you start to pick up the pace and make your way through the forest with the moon illuminating the misty path. Unfortunately, you stop in your tracks and fall down as you see the huge black beast on all four paws, its glowing ruby red eyes gazing at you with bloodshed. Paralyzed with fear, you crawl backwards, goosebumps raising all over your skin, all the little hairs standing straight up. All common sense leaves you as it slowly approaches you, head lowered and in its ready stance.

Before you come back to your senses and run away, the evil creature pounces on you as fast as lightening and pins you towards the ground. You struggle under its weight, attempting to defend yourself by punching it in the face, flailing your arms and legs around in hopes that it would help you to escape. Alas, it was no use. You only angered the beast even more.

Feeling even more anger than ever before, he mercilessly digs its razor sharp claws into your right arm. You scream in agony as the cuts were deep and it sears so much. You attempt to grab hold of its meaty front legs in order for it to stop attacking you, but the creature was too strong, and it swipes its claws against your beautiful marble skinned face. It proceeds to mercilessly drag its claws into every inch of your body, causing you to scream in agony. You keep on screaming for help, but no one is there to rescue you while you drown in pain. Your blood flies everywhere and stains the dead leaves, and tears were streaming down your face knowing that your last breath was coming closer.

Finally, the beast, satisfied with your now blood stained body, runs away disappearing into the dark shadows of the night. You gather your last ounce of strength and turn your head from right to left. Now traumatized, you can only watch your blood glistening in the moonlight. You feel all life and warmth gradually leaving your physically damaged body. The clock was ticking and counting the seconds as you were slowly succumbing to the darkness,feeling the black waves engulfing every inch of your body…….




You never……..opened your eyes again………..

Originally published at medium.com on November 29, 2015.

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