Christ At My Table

Today’s conversation (written on 11/14/21) with Christ went like this:

Lynna: “ I feel this seed of doubt — this whisper saying, “What if Jesus isn’t true? Isn’t real? What voice is that?”

Christ: “It’s the voice of you wanting to be right; of you not wanting to look bad — of you trying to prove yourself. Do you love me or not?”

Lynna: “Yes.”

Christ: “Then, just love me. Shut the door on all of those voices. Open your heart and ears fully to me. My presence. Lynna, you know me — deep in your epicenter. The epicenter of who you are IS ME. We are ONE.”

“You can deny me and my presence all you want but I will remain even in your denial. I am always loving you even in your doubt. It’s a matter of you just accepting the mystery, the unfashionable, the outcast, the heretics, the unexplainable, the weird. I will never fit the norms. I never have and never will.”

“I will leave people angry because I am TRUTH. I will leave people shaking and wagging their heads because their minds can’t comprehend the simplicity of which I work.”

“It takes utter surrender to the logic and utter faith in what I represent, and it has nothing to do with how well educated you are, what roles and titles you hold, responsibilities and status, color, wealth or who you know.”

“I am the child, the homeless, the poor, the scared, the frail, the sick, the needy, the hopeless and helpless, and the outsider.”

“I am the medicine, the giver of life, the sun, the beauty and the wild, the hope, the love, the kindness and compassion, the gentleness, the sharp edge of truth, the cup of fresh spring water, the unconditional love and support to meet every day with wonder and curiosity.”

“Just stick with what you know and love. You love me. Follow.”

Lynna: “I do love you. Thank you. May I walk the way of the cross. May I know where you need me.”

And so it is. When I invite Christ to sit with me at my proverbial table, I am inviting in a conversation with the very one who is LOVE. My conversations with him are no different than the many conversations he had with his disciples, or the woman at the well, or the two on the road to Damascus, or the man with many legions of devils…and the list goes on.

That same love is within us. The Christ is within us. The very God of this universe is within us. Can you believe that you are LOVE? I hope so. When we truly trust the power that is within us, why would we ever fear? As Christ spoke so often, “Be not afraid. Heaven is within.”

Carry on…in love, my friend.

That is our only hope.

In love,

Lynna Foster, Holy Weird

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Return To Your Wild

Return To Your Wild

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