Banana Sunday

Our autism journey

Eating is always a sticky subject with the dude. Bananas are the stickiest. They used to be Owen’s favorite food. He was on the banana phone all the time. He would hold the whole banana and happily chomp away. And then one day the banana brought fear and loathing to my baby. He would go into hysterics over the banana. One banana especially, a bunch not so much of a problem. If I ate a banana in front of him he was on the floor in a puddle. If I don’t show him the banana and put it on his waffle he loves it. However, if I try to give him a bite off the whole banana he is screaming and very upset. It’s all a sensory thing for him. Taste, sight, smell all affect Owen. I am slowly trying to see if Owen will regain his trust of the banana. If he didn’t love the food so much I may not try, but he talks about them all the time. Baby banana steps, that’s what we do. He answered then banana phone the other day, he gave it right back, but he answered it. Today is a brand new day. Let yesterday go, find hope for tomorrow and be excited about today. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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