For Instance Wednesday

Our autism journey

I learned today that when someone thinks they understand something they don’t necessarily understand it at all. The old saying about walking in my shoes is about the same. Owen had a much better day, calmer than yesterday. Me, not so much. After school I took Owen to his beloved coffee shop, and then the mall to ride elevators. Generally when we go to the coffee shop we go bowling. I thought if I did something different with him it might help. Routine is everything, but we have to also change things up, even if it is still in our comfort zone. We rode the elevators, and we went into the art gallery they have there. I wanted him to see paintings at the gallery. I told him that his paintings could be in a gallery one day. I want him to know all things are possible, that he can do anything he sets his mind to. He’s been talking more about his paintings, and I’m excited that it’s a great outlet for him. We got home, and a wave of emotions hit me. It’s hard for me to go places anymore, but that makes me know I need to go even more. I need to keep taking Owen places, exposing him to new experiences, and letting him try different things. It’s easier to sit. I never know what is going to trigger a meltdown, or when they will happen. I feel like I have to be in control of all the different situations, but when we are out it’s very difficult; it’s difficult enough when we are at home. Owen was playing in the living room; I walked into my bedroom, flipping the light on. I heard him before I saw him. He started screaming immediately. He doesn’t want my bedroom light on. If my bedroom light is on this sends Owen into an immediate meltdown, unless it doesn’t; I never know which one it will be. I told him he was fine. He wanted me back in my spot, on the couch. I still forget the rules, even though I deal with them every day. The day was rewarding, but the day was difficult. One step at a time I tell myself. One moment at a time. Tomorrow is a brand new day. You can accomplish great things if you believe in yourself. Smiles to all and donut daze!