For the Love of Friday -autism journey

Some days there is the need to please, some days there is the need to be who we are and then there are some days that Styx and Stones may rock our bones but words still crush us. They write scholarly papers about how being a special needs parent is like front line combat and that we have post traumatic stress disorder like symptoms or feelings. You never know, yet you know what is right around the corner for you. Will Owen sleep tonight, will he be mad at something, will he be happy, will he just want to cuddle, will he want to go to the store, these are the every day questions, every day. I am supposed to remain calm, because that helps his mood, and it does. I am supposed to be on alert all the time because you never know when a meltdown is in progress and I need to ward it off before it gets going, and I am on alert. I am suppose to be a teacher, a guider, a mentor, a helper, a clothes changer, and that is called being a mother, a parent, add special needs on top of that and you have a world wind of emotions that puts you on a rollercoaster ride that never stops and you get to see some of the most beautiful, exotic, stressful, haphazard, friendly, weird, amazing scenery that you have ever seen, while dreaming about reality, perception and food all at the same time. My gift is Owen! My inspiration and motivation is Owen! I have days that I question everything I do and say, don’t we all, but through it all I know that Owen has taught me more than I could have ever dreamed of and as he sits here saying his fruits in his cute little southern accent while interchanging fruits with the words “meow meow” I know what I have to do — get dressed, face the world and show the world the need for more research, love, compassion and understanding about this thing called autism that has rocked my world. Today is a new day. Share your story, share my story because you are never alone in this journey. Today if we stand together watch what we can accomplish. Smiles to all and donut daze!