For the Love of Tuesday

I write about autism every day. My son Owen is four and has moderate to severe autism. He is learning to talk, the doctors told me he might not, he is figuring out the world and I am so proud of his accomplishments. These are my daily thoughts on Facebook. Join us on our daily journey.

For the love of Tuesday. The eating habits of a four year vary, right. Each kid is different. They seem to have their dislikes, their likes and their in-betweens. I remember my friend’s son would order a cheeseburger Happy Meal, couldn’t be anything else, he would open his sandwich, hand the meat and cheese to his sister, making sure no cheese was left and then eat his sandwich. She liked cheese you see. He was being nice. I think that is the way of the food world. With Owen so many factors go into what he is eating. First I have to be mindful of his diet, gluten free, dairy free, then his sensory needs and then his I am four and I don’t like food needs. We eat a lot of chicken nuggets. That’s ok. We change it up sometimes we have chicken patties and even fish. He’s four. That’s pretty good. You throw in the fact that the dude eats hummus, enough said. He’ll get there. He tries food. Heck he even eats peas. I got him to hold a banana, it was even his idea. It was more like a hot potato though, as quick as it was in his hand it was out of his hand. That’s ok too. Baby steps are fine and dandy, they are steps. Today as you adventure out, try something new, even if it is like a hot potato for you too. Live life to the fullest. Make today matter. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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