For the love of Wednesday — our autism journey

Yesterday so much hope came shining through my little boy. There were so many words, so many good moments mixed with emotional moments of him trying to retreat into himself to find that peace he is looking for, or I think he is searching for. He is making connections, he is finding ways to express himself and he is both fighting and embracing the changes. This is hard work for him, to make my baby find peace inside himself. Everything that I observe and read tells me it is such an inner struggle with the body and brain. Every day I see the very progress I am so desperately seeking for me baby. I keep telling him we are working on adjusting where he finds things in his brain. I make him focus on me and then tell him to look for things in new hiding places in his brain. He is getting it. The meltdowns are easing, the connections are coming. I hope and pray it continues. Owen doesn’t like to be told no, who does, my goal is to find a way to explain danger and fear to him in a concept that he gets. How do you explain something that we shouldn’t have to experience. Life is a wild ride. Today I’m thankful for the love and support of everyone. I do not walk alone in this journey and I’m ever so thankful for those that reach out to me. Find the dream worth fighting for and the reward will be greater than you could ever imagine. Today is your day. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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