Forever Friday

Our autism journey

I sat watching Owen. last night, thinking about how far he has come, how far I have come. The emotions are a big thing with me. I let them fall as they may, because sitting on an emotion is not good. Tears streamed down my face and the rain fell. I thought it was a symbol last night as I heard the boom of rain in the distance, there were my emotions flying through the sky landing as the may. I feel like that sometimes as I walk, my steps are so heavy with autism I forget to pick up my feet. Owen has such a glow about him and his connections to me are growing. He shows his emotions, his feelings and he has given me the world. And he is showing me all things are possible. I asked Owen to spell his name and he said “O W E N”. My heart jumps for joy. Get ready world here comes O W E N. We can allow the challenges we face to defeat us or grow from the experience. Find your strength, find your motivation and rock your world. Today I will watch my little boy grow and know that Growin Owen is what this is all about, my heart, my love, my dude. Make today matter. Smiles to all and donut daze!