Fully Friday

Our autism journey

The dude is ready to face the day, been ready since about 4 am. He came running into my room with the attitude of a full undercover mission, the pretense of more sleep, but knowing he was ready to rock and roll. Owen snuck into bed with me, wanted me to hold him and give him compressions, then he was ready to get up. He has been laughing and playing since. He is becoming more in tune with his body. He is now realizing how the compressions will help him feel better and regulate his body. I wish I knew how to help him more. Communication is the key. The more I can explain our world to him, the more I can show him how to explain his needs, the more I can finds way to help him. I see so much progress from him already, but can’t wait until he can explain his needs. I think communication is the key to so much for all of us. Your story is important, you are not alone and someone out there is going through similar things to you. Find your strength, find your passion and carry on. Make today amazing. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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