Fun Times Friday

Our autism journey

Nothing’s better than a good morning hug. “Wanna hug” he said as he came around the corner. I said “good morning Owen” and he crawled in my lap, looking like he wasn’t quite ready to face the day. It’s so exciting to see him growing and learning. He sat with me for a few minutes and then saw I had put a new animal on his table. He walked over to it and brought it to me. He said “wizard”. His letters and words are coming and the art of conversation is forming. Sometimes we have conversations that technically don’t make sense, but the process is to keep the interactions going. Owen doesn’t always know the right words to say so we will go with the words he knows. The key is to continue the dialog with him, to keep him thinking. I am Owen’s tour guide, I talk a lot. In the car I talk to him about everything we pass and what it does. “This is the gas station where we get gas to make the car go vroom.” Now as we pass the gas station Owen says “momma get gas”. Life is a process, for all of us, for my sweet baby O it isn’t always easy on him to understand, but he is doing amazing and overcoming so many things. Don’t let someone else’s expectations keep you from living your dreams. Live life out loud. Smiles to all and donut daze!