Funny Friday

Our autism journey

His laugh! Some days all I want to do is hear Owen’s laugh. It is the best laugh. A sweet tone mixed with his funny attitude and you have a laugh that can brighten my world at the drop of a hat. He was laughing at modes of transportation and I was smiling with him. He laughed as they moved across the screen. I wasn’t sure why it was funny, but it was great to hear his laughter. He said car, truck, boat, bisisel, helicopper, and then unicorn. The mode of transportation was chariot, but the picture was clearly a unicorn, to my baby. Most times I try to say what he says and then say what the word should be, but the “unicorn” was brining him great joy so for today it is a unicorn. Everything seemed to be funny until I started talking about his new school. I wasn’t even sure if he would understand everything that I was explaining to him, but from his reaction he understood every word. He started screaming his anxious noises and jumping around, I’ll try to explain it again later today. It’s a lot for him. He will be going to a summer program and then a new school. So many transitions in such a short time. Talking, that’s what we do, and now trying to bring the laughter and calm back to his morning. Find your laughter, do what makes you happy and share your happiness with the world. Laughter is contagious. Smiles to all and donut daze!