Happy Halloween

I write about autism every day in one form or another. On Facebook I write a daily post, most days it consist of the new, different or the achievements of my son Owen who is four and has autism. Here is today’s post.

Happy Halloween Monday! What’s in a day. What’s in a holiday. What do I even think about Halloween anymore. It was my favorite holiday. It was the holiday to be something I wasn’t 364 other days. It was the day to get candy. It was a day to make others laugh, cry, scream, rejoice. It was THE day. Years passed, life happened, things changed. Insert child here. Along came the love of my life. What’s in a holiday comes back around. Owen is four, he doesn’t understand what a holiday is, or maybe he does. We have been singing happy birthday straight for two weeks now because his app tells us this is important. Maybe it’s me. Maybe because I don’t make a big deal of it, it isn’t important to him. Two people offered him candy when we were out yesterday, he doesn’t know what candy is. Maybe he does. Sometimes I don’t give him enough credit but we never talk about candy. We’ve talked about Halloween, but I suppose I should have approached it differently. I probably should have started this weeks ago, found the right app that makes sense to him and gone for it. What’s Owen going to be for Halloween, Owen. We’ve got a thousand costumes to choose from so we will see who he becomes. He doesn’t like things on his head or face or arms some days. Today is Halloween. Today is a day I rejoiced because Owen woke up happy, after sleeping all night, and he just told me about balloons. Halloween can wait. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We’ll start preparing for that. Today as that big kid knocks on your door, or they don’t say the right words, or they don’t even have a costume on, remember maybe this is the first year they even came out of their house. Steps to Halloween are both big for these kids and the parents. We rejoice because they are amazing, on any day. Happy Halloween. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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