Hearts Entwined

Our autism journey

When I think my heart is breaking I know it couldn’t possibly be, you make everything better and brighter for me. I sat here holding the emotions in and you knew. You knew without me shedding a single tear. You felt it. You knew. I sat here one moment from a tear and you walked up to me with a gleam in your eye, sat next to me and leaned your head down for your kiss. You knew the smile would wash over my face, you looked up at me and saw it. You leaned your head down again, with the tiniest of giggles knowing you would get a kiss again. You repeated it one more time. This time you said “I wuv ewe” and your head tilted down. You knew the tears would still be hiding behind my eyes but now those emotional tears were filled with joy from knowing how connected you are to my heart. My sweet baby O, my Owen Emerson, you are my heart, my soul, my inspiration and the joy that keeps me moving every day forward. Thank you for your gift of unconditional love. Thank you for teaching me what love truly means. Thank you for being you!

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