Long Memory Monday

Our autism journey

Owen’s new favorite thing is to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in Italian. Not all of them, one particular episode that someone is translating, and only a particular ten seconds of it. He has listened to it as often as he can since Friday. And his new favorite spot to listen to it is on a tote that I moved into the hallway as I tried to clear out some of the old clothes and toys from his room. This morning when he woke up the tote was not there. It was in the kitchen, on its way to the basement until next winter. Owen saw the tub was in the “wrong” place. He wanted it back in the hall where he could lay on it and watch his video. After a meltdown the tub is back in the hall. This is what’s hard about trying to do things when Owen can see what I’m doing. It upsets him when the normal is out of place, then when the out of place becomes what he wants it becomes his normal. He will then get upset again if I try to remove the new normal. The tote was only there for a few hours on Saturday. morning. I moved it that afternoon only to have him very upset about it. He played on it all day yesterday and I meant to take it to the basement last night but left it in the kitchen. So the cycle started again. Tonight when he goes to sleep I will move it to the basement, hoping out of sight, out of mind, but Owen has a very long memory. These are the lessons I am learning. Although I can’t predict what will upset him I am starting to figure it out. My baby is making such huge strides. He is overcoming so many things and I can see how much he is learning. I’m thankful for his progress, his new found words, and his funny little sense of humor. My prayer, as always, is that it becomes easier for him, and for me to be calm and find the strength to help him through all of this. Today is a brand new day. Let go of yesterday and continue to move forward. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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