Me, The Real Me

Be bold, be beautiful, be you! I often forget my own advice. I have long hair for a reason. I like pigtails!

We often lose ourselves in times of strife or pain. Sitting back trying to get a handle on what is going on in our lives, but the key is to not forget your soul. Positive actions and words go a long way to making your life happier.

I ate the wrong foods again today and I was hard on myself. It’s not good to be mean to yourself, but I was. We have to be kind to our souls and allow our minds to be free of that pain. I have told myself every day to start my diet again and every day I say well tomorrow it is. I tell myself because I exercise I don’t have to diet. It’s all a cycle. The key is allowing yourself the inner peace to know that you are doing the best that you can for the moment you are in.

Find new things to love or old hobbies to grow back in to. Find your inner strength and the beauty from within. Grab onto the things that give you peace and let go of the turmoil that sets all this in motion. The key is to be you! And I’ll start wearing pigtails a little more often.