Monday Motions

Out autism journey

I read an interesting article about sound and music. I have been studying the affects that music, light and sounds have on our senses. The brain is very interesting and complex. From early on I’ve stressed the importance of the arts to Owen and he loves music and crafts. We listen to music and look at art or work on crafts daily. Because of the way the brain is separated I am trying to find ways to help Owen and myself refocus our brains, retrain them to use more of it. Owen has severe meltdowns, when these are happening he can’t focus on much more than the moment he is in, his discomfort in the situation. This is where art and music come in. The key to meltdowns, if it cannot be avoided, is for me to stay calm, this is not always an easy task. Next, I try to find a way to get him back to me, get him back to the now. His brain is taking him on a journey and it is hard for him to find peace. I start with the colors for him. I tell him to “find purple where’s purple”. Distraction and focus, that’s what I’m going for. Last night as he laid in bed for two hours, his body twisting and turning a thousand times, he was very upset, screaming and he said “where’s purple”. He is processing it. He is trying to find his inner calm. His struggles are my struggles. I see such growth in him and I see pain. Every day I explore what is in front of me to try and find calm, for both of us. Don’t give up on your dreams. The journey isn’t always easy and sometimes we have to shake it up a little to find the right path, but keep going, remain strong and diligent in your efforts. Owen is the little boy that doctors told me probably wouldn’t talk, not only is he talking, but this morning he put me in timeout for standing up to get more coffee. Make today matter. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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