Noisy Monday

Our autism journey

Quiet as a mouse never meant so much to me until I had Owen. Along came autism and now I know that every noise is a noise. He can hear the squeak of a floor board or the rattle of a bag, the faucet drip, the tree quake, any noise could be a big noise to him. I suppose that is true for all of us, but with Owen it is amplified. And then you never know how that noise will affect his mood. The quiet noise has as much affect on him as the big noise. Like light as well. I live in a noisy house, on a noisy street, with a lot of lights and this all can disturb his sleep. Luckily when he wakes he has been going back to sleep quicker and I hope that continues. So many things I never even considered about my house before I had Owen. And now everything is something. I watch the world go by and I think, can they be a little quieter or less active. I wonder how to change this for him, how to make it easier. For today I’m thankful, the noises were as quiet as noises could be and Owen is smiling. That is what matters to me. Make today amazing. Make your dreams come true. They matter! Smiles to all and donut daze!

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