Queen of Electronics

It’s suffice to say I’m great with electronics, as long as I don’t touch them. They can look pretty for me and they can act beautifully for others, I just can’t touch them.

When I was a little girl I wanted to take all mechanical things apart, much to my mother’s dismay. There went another telephone, she would say. This was back in the day when they were still connected to the wall, the kind that had the dial tone and you could still call people and ask if their refrigerator was running. I liked to see how the parts worked, or didn’t work when they went back together.

My mom was not impressed with my toaster skills. I can’t help it, I wanted to know what flung my toast up out of that contraption. It was joyous to watch. I would push and pull the plunger up and down just to see what it would do. How did they make this thing heat up and throw your toast across the room. Why couldn’t I use this technology for other things. I needed to know, had to take it apart. It went back together as well as the phone.

My favorite thing to take apart was alarm clocks. Oh my word, how could I not find out how the buzzer worked. Where was the noise coming from. What made one alarm clock sound different from all the others and how did the numbers flip around, of course there were the lighted numbers too. So many questions, so little mechanical skills.

Now as an adult I don’t even have to take apart things to make them break. I’m on coffeemaker number five since 2009 and I never once broke a coffeepot, I think it’s time to invest in the warranty.

Cellphones, let’s just say, the phone people love me. I’m that good with them. One phone got locked in Spanish mode, I know just enough Spanish to know I needed it in English. The tech guys really couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t change back. Another phone got stuck in airplane mode, one took a dive into the dog’s water bowl, and another one fell out of my purse and broke the SD card. The tech guy was shocked at that one. I always carry two phones now.

My laptop, well this laptop turns the cap lock on randomly as I’m typing, won’t print unless I do the hokey pokey and turn myself around and it has decided that it will go into safe mode because maybe it is afraid I might try to take it apart.

So any suggestions on a new cheap laptop that can withstand the self proclaimed Queen of Electronics? These an other electronical questions await you. That’s a word when you are the Queen of Electronics.

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