Silly Saturday

I write about autism every day. My son Owen is four and has moderate to severe autism. He is learning to talk, the doctors told me he might not, he is figuring out the world and I am so proud of his accomplishments. These are my daily thoughts on Facebook. Join us on our daily journey.

Silly Saturday. The laughs keep coming. The dude slept great, woke up happy, ate a lot and has laughed and laughed and laughed some more. I think back to the “milk days”. The days before I took Owen of of milk and gluten, he was in a constant fog. He wouldn’t interact with me like he does now. He had a hard time concentrating and learning new things. I remember the day I took him off milk clearly, within a few days he was able to pull letters from a container and name them. The fog lifted and my baby started to learn. He is now gluten free, dairy free and takes lots of supplements. The changes are amazing. I remember watching a Baby Einstein video and it would sing “the cows give us milk” and I would sing “almonds give us milk”. Now he is making connections like seeing a hot drink in one of his apps and saying coffee. These are the days! I’m so thankful for progress. These tiny steps are the biggest victories. Keep moving forward. Today is a brand new day. Smiles to all and donut daze!