Sometimes Saturday

He woke about midnight. I heard him making little noises and the crying came, he was sick. He screamed, he yelled, he wanted to go right back to sleep. We had to change him, the bed, me, he was upset. My heart was aching, because how much can I explain sickness to Owen. I got him calmed down and held him on the couch with me. He got sick a couple more times throughout the night, but woke about his normal time. When he woke he was happy and said “wanna mulk” before anything else. He talked for a few minutes and curled back into me, he was still laying on top of me from the night. He then said “better” a couple of times and I hoped it was the response to how he was feeling. I know all parents must feel extremely helpless when their child is sick, but I have so many fears when Owen is sick. He can’t tell me what is wrong, I’m clinging to the word “better” truly hoping he understood what he was saying. He has been up now for two hours and no sign of sickness. I am happily taking the cuddles as they come and thankful that we both could find peace in my holding him all night. These moments are when I cling to the communication skills he is learning. I pray that I can continue to help him learn and find new ways to get him to communicate with me. In this world of fear I long for the safety of my child. How can I put a bubble around my baby, but still let him explore life. Today I will hold on to the hope that last night was just a moment in time, he is running around laughing and eating now. My prayers for a better tomorrow ring true for all. Set your expectations for hope. Let yesterday wash away and find hope in your tomorrow. Smiles to all and donut daze!