Sunday Funnies

Our autism journey

The cross between the funny humor he may or may not realize he has with the anxiety of things not being in the order he is accustomed to has made for a very interesting and funny morning. I haven’t figure out if he knows how quick witted he is. I have tried to figure out if he gets humor or if he is responding in the only way he knows how. Many of his responses are what he has learned from his apps or the interactions we work on. I try to create conversations that will allow him to use his words, the key is to keep speech coming. I try to repeat his words that he is using in new ways and give him words that work with it. His motivator is always bubbles. We work with them and this encourages him to talk. He is now saying the sentences like “what starts with A” before I can even get the bubbles. I can tell today is one of those days that he needs everything to be in order. We were playing with paints and I left the drawer open that I got the paints from. He screamed and ran to the drawer, it had to be closed before we could even start painting. From laughing to heightened anxiety in almost the same breath he is now playing and telling me all kinds of stories. The smile he shares is what makes my day. The adventures are never ending with my sweet baby O and I’m thankful for my amazing gift. I am truly blessed. Make today matter. Smiles to all and donut daze!