Technically Tuesday

I write about autism every day. My son Owen is four and has moderate to severe autism. He is learning to talk, the doctors told me he might not, he is figuring out the world and I am so proud of his accomplishments. These are my daily thoughts on Facebook. Join us on our daily journey.

Technically Tuesday. The dude woke with a start. Not quite ready to face the day, but the day has to be faced. He quickly is recovering, but like some days you just wanna come out swinging. He is happier now. A few big hugs, some squishyies (compressions for his joints) and lots of kisses and he is singing “disKNEE junYar where da madGick beginDs”. Now the fact that he needs to get ready for school is not what he has planned just yet and we should already be dressed, but I wait. My clock says one thing, Owen’s tells the real time. This is the part where I go, which way do I turn, how do I keep him happy and get him ready to run out the door. Well here’s to a good try. Happy day to all. Make it a great one and know that your story is important. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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