The Banana Brigade Saturday

Our autism journey

What’s in a banana you say and why is it a wonder. I ask myself this question all the time. It is the one food Owen hates and loves in the same breath. Food, like a lot of things with Owen is sensory related. It was his favorite food as a baby, he would eat the whole thing right out of the peel. And then one day he saw a banana and a fear washed over him. He didn’t want to touch it, see it, be near it or even let me eat them. A bunch of bananas was not a problem. A single banana sent him into meltdown. The key to all this is he loves the taste of the banana. Right now he is happily eating a waffle that has banana squished into the little holes. He didn’t see me put it on his waffle, he did see me eating part of the banana and across the room went flying his sippy cup, tablet, rocket ship and then he screamed and pushed the gate closed. I threw away the banana peel and all was right in his world again. If he didn’t love the taste of the banana so much I wouldn’t try to change his sensitivity to it, I would wait until he was older. I go through different exercises with him about bananas. I have used apps with bananas which he is fine with, a stuffed monkey which he was not fine with and I have used flash cards which he threw to the ground and stomped on. This is very common for those with sensory sensitivities. There are numerous things Owen doesn’t like, but the banana is the mystery for me. I don’t push it, but I am always trying to find ways to have him embrace the banana again. Today as I look at his plate and see the waffle with banana is all gone I know I’m on the right trail, but looking for the correct path. The journey that we walk today may not be what we planned, but from what I see it is better. Life is what you make it, so let’s make it grand. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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