The Daily Dose of Autism

I write about autism every day in one form or another. On Facebook I write a daily post, most days it consist of the new, different or the achievements of my son Owen who is four and has autism. Here is today’s post.

Sentimental Saturday. The dude only kinda slept last night. He woke up about four got into bed with me, took a minute but did fall back asleep. It makes me wonder when he doesn’t sleep. Is it the autism waking him, growing, a noise, a sickness, and then I relax. It is what it is. That is all, I can’t change that moment in time, I just have to make sure he is happy and comfortable. When we woke the second time I said good morning and he said “goooo morning”. I’ll take it. So excited about it. And love hearing his voice. He is a happy dude today. Singing a lot and making connections. He is now offering me blankets. He says “wanna wear blanket” and then throws it at me. The choice at that moment is sure I do. The gift of hearing Owen speak is sometimes overwhelming. Hearing other kids at his age talk sometimes boggles my mind. I forget that he should be telling me things all the time, until there is a trigger reminding me how hard my baby struggles. Maybe I hide it in the depths of my mind so the sadness stays still. He is amazing. He is my world. He is Owen. This journey called life is amazing. It is full of ups and downs and rollercoaster rides but life is amazing. Cherish today. Ring every day in like the new year. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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