The kindergarten Experience

52 Week Writing Challenge

Today was Owen’s first day as a big kindergartener. We had a rough night, we had a long morning, and he had a short day. Albeit not that short, he was still very sleepy from our night, me too. I’m thankful for the staff at his new school, for his new teacher that cares, and for his previous teacher for being there for me. I get very anxious about the little details, the big moments, and what’s yet to come. I know Owen’s reactions to so many things and I know that he also follows my emotions. So today went exactly like I didn’t plan, but yet perfect.

The morning started out really rough. Woke around two, screamed about three, got out of bed before four, drinking coffee by five, running around at six, and by seven I still didn’t have or act together, but we made it with a minute to spare to his new school. When I zig the dude zags. Those darn monkeys have taught him too much about jumping on the bed and quite frankly he is a lot faster than me. From one bed to the next he ran and I couldn’t catch him. I finally got some clothes on the streaker and we were off.

We got to school and I of course kept it together, who are we kidding, I lost it. I tried to keep it together and I was thankful his pre-k teacher had come for me, well Owen, ok, really for me. I talked to his new teacher for a few minutes, and then went to talk to the cook about Owen’s diet. Like his previous school they provide all the meals for the students, this is as it should be. No child is left hungry, this should be in every school. I then went and talked with the school nurse and she was also wonderful. I really am thankful for the way today went, even though I was nervous about everything.

When we got home from school we played with bubbles. We practice his letters, and he has to name something that starts with each letter to get bubbles. He loves the bubbles, knows his alphabet, knows the words, but sometimes it is still frustrating to him. He will cry out in angst, because he wants it to happen in his time or doesn’t want to always answer the questions. I realized that sometimes I will give up too easily, because I want the calm, I need the calm, but thinking through this I realized that his frustration also propels him into greatness. He tries harder and gives me more answers, so we can keep moving forward. The key is figuring out when frustration is a motivator versus when it is stopping the learning process.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll be a little less nervous. Maybe we will sleep tonight. Maybe I won’t be so nervous or worried. Owen is my world. My life revolves around finding the ways to make it easier on my sweet baby O.

As I sit here watching Owen piling all his toys on Figaro and the cat laying there completely undaunted, I’m thankful for the adventures yet to come, the moments that make you go hmm, and growing Owen and his two new pals Figaro and Pockets. Autism wasn’t important to me, until autism was important to me.