The Little Video That Could

I’m trying to learn a thing or two about marketing. This little video is quickly becoming a favorite for fans of the band Creek Don’t Rise. It’s a fun little ditty, with a quick to the point recording.

So what makes it so much fun? What do you like about it? They are working on other videos and I would love to know what inspires you to watch something. Title, color scheme, location, activity, is there anything that always draws your attention to a video.

Here’s another video of theirs along the same line, but longer and tells more of a story.

Does a short video make you want to watch it more? This one is longer but draws you in with the sounds exploding through the whole video.

Learning is what I like to do. I would love your input and suggestion. And if you just happen to be a music agent sign these guys up, they are really good.

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