The Unapologetic Comma

Let’s face it, I hate commas. I, hate, commas. I truly see the need for them, totally get why we have to have them, but come on now, where do I put them. I over use, under use, forget how to use them all the time. I love the flow when they are used correctly, it makes so much more sense, but I can’t always figure it out.

I don’t think I paid attention in English class, okay, I didn’t pay attention in English class. I admit it. I was too busy trying to figure out what images I could find in the ceiling tiles. I distinctly remember a dragon smelling a floor in one of the tiles. I look back at that sentence and I wonder, should there be a comma in that sentence, I think I’m safe. I look back at the last sentence, did I over use the comma and not include quotation marks, maybe I’m safe.

I get, jealous of, people that use commas in the, right places. I posted that on Facebook and one of my friends said if I read it out loud it would sound like Christopher Walken. I think that is how I feel when I am trying to figure all of this out. And please don’t even get me started with the semicolon. That is like a whole other world; that I don’t want to even be involved with. Luckily, I write because I love it. Maybe one day an editor will edit because they love it. Until then, the unapologetic comma will haunt us all in my writing.

Thanks to all my new friends and followers on Medium. I’m thankful for the support you all have been showing me. I have bookmarked so many articles to come back to, and I thank you all for the recommendations and comments. They mean a lot! Here’s to learning the world of commas.

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